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School Awarness:-

Childline is the voice of children; Children have been part of CHILDLINE since its inception. It is their service and their ownership of it is high. They feel they must call 1098 when they see children in distress, and to spread awareness about CHILDLINE in areas that they frequent. We the Childline Bishnupur has been organized 120( one hundred twenty) times Awareness for school children on Childline 1098 and other child-related issues in terms of child labor, child trafficking, child early marriage, drugs and substance abuse in children and education at different schools in Bishnupur District under ZEO zone- IV Bishnupur and DI Moirang. It is organized to reach out to school attending children regarding Childline 1098, its roles and responsibilities for children who need care and protection.

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Extra Tuition Class:-

Childline Bishnupur had conducted 4 times children group meeting quarterly wise at the community level. At this meeting we the Childline team can know the different decisions of children in regards to they belong to different types of the family such as some are from joint, some are from small and some of them are from a nuclear family. And children, including adolescents, are enabled to exercise their right to express their evolving capacity, decision making, and communication in children’s group meetings.

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Outreach Program

Childline Bishnupur had actively engaged and organized the outreach program every month from village to village at least 27/28 days in a month, to create the people more sensitizes on Childline 1098 and also shared them about child-related issues like child labor, child marriage, child sexual assault and child education.

Open House

As per guidelines of Childline India Foundation, Kolkata we had conducted an open house once a month. The program is conducted based on the theme of Childline labor, child marriage, child sexual abuse, and child education. Childline Bishnupur had conducted 12 times open houses with the different children from the District in this current year. The childline team highlighted Childline 1098 and other issues like child marriage, child labor, child sexual abuse, child education, and its acts and laws.

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Gram Panchayat Meeting:-

As a part of Childline program planning, 4 times meeting with the elected gram panchayats members has conducted to aware and sensitize more about Childline in different communities of Bishnupur District. During the meeting, we could share that gram panchayats are the executive organ of the gram Sasan/sabha. It is the most important unit of rural local government. It is directly elected by all the voters living within the area of the panchayats.

Meeting with school management:-

Childline Bishnupur had conducted 4 times meeting with the school management committee at different schools to provide an effective body for the development and fulfillment of school. The childline team could share and discussed the school development plans, maintenance of accounts, school management works, and the roles and responsibilities of SMC during the meeting.

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Meeting with ASHA, AWW, Sahayika:-

Children must get the best possible start in good health and proper nutrition is the essential foundation of human development, We will make concerted efforts to fight infectious diseases, tackle major causes of malnutrition, and nurture children in a safe environment that enables them to be physical health, mentally alert, emotionally secure, socially competent and able to learn, So, we the Childline Bishnupur had conducted every month meeting with ASHA/ AWW/ Sahayika at the community level in different places of Bishnupur District.


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