TOT Program

On Gender and Crimes Against Women

About TOT Program:-

One number of 3 days TOTfoll on gender and crimes against women was carried out at Hotel Lake View Moirang from 28/6/17 to 29/6/17 under the Project “Peoples Response to Climate Change and Capacity Building on Patriarchal Structure and Criminal Justice System in North-East India”.

The objective of the TOT program was to make understand the basic knowledge on gender difference between sex and gender, social structures, and role of women and men as a trainer and practice to develop their skill for more clarity in future. And with the expected outcome that the participants will understand regarding gender difference and equalities. They will be able to intervene in any cases especially on women related issues. People will also enhance the knowledge of patriarchal social structures and their roles and responsibilities about men and women.

Mr. L. Pishak Singh Secy. New Life Foundation, stated that TOT on gender is a part of Gender Sensitization which is one of the basic requirements for the normal development of an individual. Without being sensitive to the needs of a particular gender, an individual may refrain from understanding the opposite gender and in some acute cases even him or herself. The need for this sensitivity has been felt and realized through times immemorial and in almost all kinds of human existence, across the globe. But somehow in recent times, a much stronger need is felt and realized to talk and discuss this sensitive topic both on a personal and professional front. He further stated that since time immemorial it has been a custom that womenfolk, as well as menfolk of different ages and stages, are taking parts in various aspects of social issues, however with the increasing complexity of modern civilization the understanding of the perspectives of the gender is quite necessary to bring peace and harmony. Particularly in a country like India, with the vast diversity existing in terms of its customs, traditions, rituals, social values, family beliefs, and individual perception, the need for a more systematic is required. So is the case in our states like Manipur or our society because our state Manipur is also like a mini India in which people of diverse culture, tradition, religion, languages, and of different food habits are being inhabited.


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